Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes was designed to easy to use assistant in taking notes. It includes features as follows:

• Simple drag to add the notes.
• Simple drag to move the notes.
• Double tap to edit the notes.
• Long press to show action menu: Edit, Copy, Color, Email, Delete.
• Ten notes boards, and you can modify the name of every board.
• Change background for every boards.
• Save notes or board to photo albums.
• Send notes or board by mail.
• Export notes board.

We wish you like this app, and please give us feedback and suggestions to help us to improve it.


6 thoughts on “Sticky Notes

  1. David

    Love Sticky Notes. Can you please add marker for darker text as well as copy and paste. I use the board for my budget but it’s easier if I can copy and paste similar info onto many notes than typing it in every note. Export of image of board/s to Evernote and Dropbox would be great. I didn’t check but I think you can dictate notes by voice on the new iPad. If you include these features you could bump the price up to $1.99 I would think.

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  3. Toral

    Hey Cant change board names only a message appear says modify board name and placed onl 2 options ok or cancel and there is not a text box or anything to write the board name so when hit ok nothing happens atall it smells like a bug please help

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